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Solidlectus Bathtub
Solidlectus Bathtub
SolidNova Bathtub
Solidera-170 PE-WH-Bathtub
Solidstar 180 Bathtub
Solidellipse BL-WH Bathtub

Essential Design – Pure Pleasure.

A bathtub is the most valuable object in a bathroom: a fixture that offers comfort, visual pleasure, and many moments of well-being. Sleek lines, elegant forms, minimal aesthetics, and the Ideavit Solid Surface material are the hallmarks of our collection of bathtubs. The variety of sizes and shapes of our freestanding and back to-wall bathtubs offer a wide range of choices to create your own luxury home spa. The pureness of the white color and the velvety smooth feeling of the surface give a sense of relaxed attitude. The versions “color outside – white inside” in matt finishing we propose in some models are ideal for an eye-catching aesthetic.

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