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VIVA ACRYL Acrylic Matt Bathtub
VIVA ACRYL Acrylic Matt Bathtub
THALIA ACRYL Acrylic Matt Bathtub
Delia-Acryl Acrylic Matt Bathtub
Alexa-Acryl Acrylic Matt Bathtub

Acrylic White Matt Bathtubs
The quality value in the finesse of a high-end product

Ideavit’s acrylic bathtubs are expertly crafted from vacuum-formed sheets of high-quality, sanitary acrylic at a thickness of 5mm and are all designed with a superior matt surface finish.
Their velvety matt finishing, a distinctive feature of the Ideavit acrylic bathtubs, enhances the feeling of smoothness and silky texture of each of these sleek and elegant bathtubs.
All of these options are designed to spark inspiration and help you create the perfect bathroom for your needs.

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