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Solidera-170 Bathtub
Solidera-170 Bathtub
Solidvolo 140D Wash Basin


IDEAVIT B.V.  is a Dutch company specialized in the production and sales of sanitary collections in Solid Surface material.

Softness, pureness, and seamless shapes are our perspectives.

Our aim is to achieve the highest level of performance in everything we do. Nothing is left to chance: we put the utmost care in all details starting from the production process all the way up to the excellence of finishings to assure the finest quality.

Thanks to its technical specifications the Ideavit Solid Surface products are ideal for use in both, residential and commercial sectors.

Next to the Dutch market, IDEAVIT B.V. is currently exporting to Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, Greece and other European countries, as well as to the USA and Canada.

Keeping up with the markets demands, IDEAVIT has recently introduced a wide range of Concrete and Terrazzo products.

Solidthin-40-GB-WH Washbasin
Solidplan 80 Wash Basin

The Ideavit Solid Surface
is an advanced material, perfect for the modern bathroom design.

It is a composite material made of 60% of Aluminum Trihydrates (ATH), 38% of Polyester resins and the rest are catalysts, hardeners, pigments and MMA. This composition gives IDEAVIT Solid surface several exclusive features: It is an inert and non-toxic material. It is homogeneous and compact, highly resistant, durable, non-porous (zero absorption). 

It has a high degree of UV resistance, that means no discoloration over time. Practically fire-proof, it has at the same time low thermal conductivity and therefore high insulative capacity.

The absence of perceptive joints avoids the deposit of bacteria and dirt and makes it hygienic and widely used in all health-care sectors. It is easy to clean and requires minimum maintenance.

It is restorable, in case of scratches it can be repaired on spot with abrasive pads. The finishing is matt, smooth, velvety, very pleasant to the touch.

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